Rotary Club of Dupont Circle Members Attend First-ever Rotary Day at the White House

On April 20, members of the Rotary Club of Dupont Circle participated in the first-ever Rotary Day at the White House, in which ten U.S. Rotary club members were honored as Champions of Change for their volunteer work to improve the lives of others. The day-long event combined for the first time two weekly White House public engagement programs – Champions of Change and the Community Leaders Briefings series -- to recognize the contributions of a single organization: the humanitarian service group Rotary International. Our members were one of more than 160 Rotary club members in attendance at a morning round of Community Leaders Briefing sessions in which administration experts discussed a

Rotary Statistics

Did you want to know how our club demographics stack up against Rotary's? I have, and I found a little tidbit today: "A year ago, she joined the Crawley club and learned that only 2 percent of Rotarians are under age 30, and 16 percent are women." That's taken from this article:

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