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Rotary Club of Dupont Circle Steps Up Their Local Service Initiatives at Martha’s Table

Members Volunteer Time to a Local Charity that Feeds the Poor and Elderly

In an effort to increase their impact in their local area, the Rotary Club of Dupont Circle has volunteered every Saturday since March at Martha's Table, a non-profit organization that deals with the immediate effects of poverty and finds long-term solutions with education, nutrition and family support services. The service project is the result of the hard work of Dupont Board Member Demeteris Hale. “I began serving through Martha’s Table 3 years ago. I enjoy giving my time and energy to help feed the homeless and the staff and the volunteers have made this a rewarding way to reach out to the community and have a positive impact.”

Dupont Members have participated in their emergency food programs that provide help to vulnerable populations by providing lunch and dinner daily to hundreds of children, homeless and low-income people. At least a dozen members have logged more than fifty hours by either preparing meals for the homeless or compiling and delivering meals to more than seventy seniors at Campbell Heights Senior Apartment Homes. Nicole Somerville, a Dupont Rotarian approves of the club's involvement, "It's important for Rotary Dupont Circle to have a strong connection to the Washington DC Metro community and serving Martha's Table keeps us connected to the roots of our organization's mission".

Hale organizes members to participate, such as David Hawks and Somerville who explain that members and other volunteers share with each other the experience. "People joke around and are friendly, but remain focused on the task at hand" states Hawk. "There are lots of smiles," echoes Somerville. Yet, the interaction between members and people in need is the most important. It provides a chance for members to interact with locals who may have "fallen through the cracks of society or have suffered from great tragedies in life which have left them with very little… It's a great way to put on the breaks of life, have a meaningful exchange, and provide a need," adds Somerville.

Martha’s Table impacts over 1,100 people a day with its programs, including those for children and youths from ages 3 months to 22 years old, and their families. Rotary Club of Dupont Circle continues to commit itself to service; the next service with Martha's Table will be held on September 15. If you are interested in service with Martha's Table visit and click the contact us tab to send an email for details.

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