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The Rotary Club of Dupont Circle (RCDC) Celebrated Its One-Year Anniversary as a Club!

The club was chartered in March 2012, but the original idea was proposed in December 2009 by Peter Kyle, District Governor-Elect and member of the Rotary Club of Capitol Hill. After a number of initial discussions among Rotarians and peace fellow alumni for the first several months of 2010, a steering committee went forward with a plan, and with typical Rotary enthusiasm, made it happen! The club had 38 charter members and will grow to 42 members in April. Over the past year, the RCDC members have made-up meetings in clubs around the world when they travel for business or pleasure, to include the Mitaka Rotary Club in Japan, the Rotary Club of Ramna, in Bangladesh, and the Nkwazi Rotary Club in Zambia. At the anniversary dinner, Rotarians from across District 7620 came to offer their support, including DGN Bill Fine, DGE Peter Kyle, PDG Ray Streib, from the Glen Burnie Rotary Club, and North Bethesda Club Rotarian Kevin Flynn, proud father of RCDC member Shelia Flynn . In addition to forming committees and building a foundation for the future, the club increased its involvement with domestic and international service projects. Dupont Circle Rotarians have volunteered with Martha’s Table monthly for more than a year, cleaned up parks, tutored immigrants, and participated in their first international grant in Uganda.For those who have not had a chance to participate in any service projects more are coming, including a park clean up on April 20th, volunteering with Martha's Table on April 27th, and several other opportunities that are in the works with Rotary Clubs, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of DC, and other partners. During the anniversary dinner, the club celebrated its first year in photos, and President Kristin Post discussed the importance of the Rotary four-way test and the Club’s mission statement: We use our professional diversity and international perspective to serve our community – both local and global – in concrete ways, through hard work, innovation, and creativity. The synergy of the club lets us have a higher impact on the world than possible as an individual, while enriching us through fellowship. The elements of diversity, international perspective, the meaning of community as both local and global, and synergy of the club resonated not only with the club members, but also the guests who attended. This is a unique club in many ways, and looks forward to a great future!

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